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I have been lucky enough that the majority of my work has been accepted positively and I am asked often what software I use to create my digital artwork. I employ a number of programs to produce the layers that are then combined to create one of my finished pieces.

Which program I use at the time depends on what effect / look I am going for. Some of my work uses many layers at a time. So I might use 5 or 6 different programs to make a new piece of art.

Here is a list of the software I use the most to create my art….

Formula to Frac Export – My own custom software for creating fractals and 3d code that can be imported into other programs. (Not Available).

Apophysis (Flame Fractal Creator).

Mandelbulb (Fractal Creator).

Blender (3d Workspace).

Daz (3d and Character editor).

Poser (3D Rendering and Animation Software).

Ultra Fractal (Fractal Creator).

jWildfire (Fractal Creator).

Terragen (Landscape Generator).

MojoWorld (planetscape Creator). No longer in production.

The Gimp (photo editor).

Paint (dot) net (photo editor).


I am including a demo video here so people can see how I create some of my digital art. This video shows how I created the picture below.



finished-pic demo
finished-pic demo




And here is another Demo showing me mixing 6 finished, renders (layers) into a Finished picture.

And the finished piece…

lines-in-the-clouds layer demo by James Alan Smith
lines-in-the-clouds layer demo by James Alan Smith















And another demo of some post production work.




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